Advent Reflection – Day 1

“It came to me, recently, that faith is ‘a certain widening of the imagination.’ When Mary asked the Angel, ‘How shall these things be?’ she was asking God to widen her imagination.

All my life I have been requesting the same thing – a baptized imagination that has a wide enough faith to see the numinous in the ordinary. Without discarding reason, or analysis, I seek from my Muse, the Holy Spirit, images that will open up reality and pull me in to its center.

This is the benison of the sacramental view of life.”

– Luci Shaw in Wintersong

“Numinous River” by Virginia Sandman

2 thoughts on “Advent Reflection – Day 1

  1. Great to begin with Luci Shaw. A time to experience our longings, our heart’s TRUE desire we sometimes work so hard to keep in a box. I”m looking forward to more words and images from you.


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