Advent Reflection – Day 5

A little change of tempo for today’s reflection….

Dave Brubeck died yesterday, old and full of years. Today would have been his 92nd birthday. He was a jazz great who knew his classical stuff and a consummate performer to the end. He never planned to be a musician. He went to school to study veterinary science until the head of the program convinced him to transfer to the conservatory, even though he didn’t read music. He was ordered to form his first band while serving under Patton in WWII. Coming home from the war he decided “something should be done musically to strengthen man’s knowledge of God.” He joined the Catholic Church after a full orchestration of the Lord’s Prayer setting he was working came to him in a dream. Brubeck brought all the joy and freedom of his jazz stylings and innovative time signatures to bear in his sacred works. His wife handled the texts. Together they wrote one of my favorite Christmas songs. It’s much more a Christmas Day celebration than an Advent reminder to wait, but musically and lyrically it wells with the hope we’re invited to live into and celebrate this week.

The music in the video is actually two pieces from Brubeck’s La Fiesta de la Posada – the finale, called “La Piñata,” followed by “God’s Love Made Visible.” Some of the lyrics by Iola Brubeck:

God’s love made visible!  Incomprehensible! He is invincible!
His Love shall reign!
From love so bountiful, blessings uncountable make death surmountable!
His Love shall reign!


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