Celebrating Epiphany: CMB

Here in France we’ve already celebrated, doling out some little Christmas presents that arrived late, and letting the youngest sit under the table to call out who got the next piece of the King Cake.
galette des rois
Surprisingly, she chose herself last and the fève turned out to be a ceramic wolf with a surfboard. I used the powers bestowed on me by the silver paper crown I won finding it to pack the girls off to bed as soon as possible after all that, as it was also their first day of school here. Eight straight hours of French were taking their toll and they have to get up and do it again tomorrow.
So you’ll have to go on without us this year, but those folks who have a few more hours left in the day (or who relish the thought of some holy tagging under cover of darkness) should check out this lovely tradition and the modern German take on it as chronicled by the equally lovely Susan Forshey at the Contemplative Cottage. http://contemplativecottage.com/2014/01/05/chalking-the-door-20cmb14/