Questions for Galatians, chapter 4

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First reading: Read Galatians 4. What word, phrase, or verse stands out to you? Does it bring up a question? Speak to a question you’ve been having? Just resonate somehow? Is it confusing? Disturbing? Comforting? Make a note of it.

Marc Chagall: Abraham and Sarah, 1956, The Bible, Original Lithograph

Marc Chagall: Abraham and Sarah, 1956

Paul uses three different metaphors for the Law – which one or which combination of images most aides your understanding?


What slave-like conditions do young sons live under in verse 1-3? What rights to they enjoy when they grow up in verses 6-7?


From your own experiences, what are the differences between the relationship of a parent and a young child and that of a parent and a grown child?


How is the observance of the Law the same as pagan religion? How is different? How is life in the Spirit different?


What is the effect of the distinction Paul makes in verse 9: knowing God vs. being known by God?


What is the difference in tone between Paul’s appeal in verses 12-20 and his appeal in verses 21-31?


What does he mean when he says he became like them and what reasons does he give them to become like him?


What image does Paul use to contrast the selfishness of the false teachers?


How might the Judaizers have used the story of Hagar and Sarah and how does Paul use it?