Questions for Galatians, chapter 6

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First reading: Read Galatians 6. What word, phrase, or verse stands out to you? Does it bring up a question? Speak to a question you’ve been having? Just resonate somehow? Is it confusing? Disturbing? Comforting? Make a note of it.


Keeping in mind the context of chapter 5 and of the book as a whole, what kind of transgressions do you think Paul might have been referring to in verse 1?



What individual and corporate responsibilities does Paul expect of those “who have received the Spirit?”



How do you reconcile “bear one another’s burdens” with “all must carry their own load?”



How can you “test your own work?” Are there any “tests” or “proofs” or “evidences” Paul offers in Galatians that would be helpful in this?



Can you think of any real life examples of reaping what you’ve sown?



What seems to be Paul’s overarching desire for the Galatians in the instructions he gives in verses 1-10?



What dichotomies does Paul establish and repeat in this chapter?



What roles do pride, boasting, work, and the flesh play in this chapter?



Have you ever felt someone pressuring you to do something to make him or her look good?



What do the cross and crucifixion seem to mean to Paul?



What rule is Paul referring to in verse 16?



What does he mean by the “Israel of God” and why would he use such a phrase?



What questions do you have about the chapter or the book as a whole? How would you summarize the main messages of Galatians?

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